Creative worship

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To create means to bring something into existence, just like God did when He created the heavens, the earth, and us made in His image. First Love will create space to be creative in a safe place with no pressure.

Worship is more than a word, a thought, a song, a dance, a poem, a painting, an act of service – it’s all these things and more. Whole body worship (Romans 12v1) is about living, moving and being (Acts 17v28). It’s a response to what we see, hear and discover. It’s the pursuit and expression of truth, being generous inside and out, a relationship, the giving of ourselves to someone and something more.

One way of communicating isn’t enough. There are some things we cannot express in words. You might not always feel like it, but God has created you as His masterpiece. All of us are His dancers, moving words, narratives, stories, paintings, songs and sculptures. It’s the place where reverence and playfulness meet.

Moving as a response to God is one way to express all this. Dancing and movement is a symbol of what is going on, both on the inside and the outside.