He’s coming for His bride

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Recently, I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to sit and listen to some mighty great followers of Jesus – Isabel Allum and Heidi Baker. I’d like to share some of their insights that have pulled my heart strings into greater realms of first love with God.

Jesus is coming back for a pure, spotless and blameless bride that loves Him so much, nothing can take her eyes off her lover. A bride knows her bridegroom. She can’t wait to see Him with the anticipation that when she does, He is going to kiss her all over and pour out His perfect love for her everyday for the rest of their lives together. A bride isn’t a servant, friend or sister.

“I saw Jesus face to face. I looked into His melted eyes of pure love, and He told me: “I want my bride”.” Heidi Baker, August 2015

Do you know how much He wants you? He wants all of you to love Him wholeheartedly that you want nothing more and nothing less than to be His lover for eternity. A bride is a lover that opens her whole heart to have and to hold her bridegroom for eternity.

Learning to live from first love is also learning to live under the shade of the tree of life. There were two trees in Eden’s garden.

“In the middle of the garden was the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Genesis 2v8

Those two trees are a daily choice. We always sit under one of them. So, which tree are you eating from and sitting under? The tree of the knowledge of good and evil looks more perfect and is more crowded. It’s a tree of justice, so accusation and complaining goes under that tree saying ‘it’s wrong’ or ‘it’s right’. When we come under judgement, we end up under this tree. Our soul is less drawn to the tree of life and we need to make a deliberate choice because it looks less appealing.

Sit under the wrong tree and you lose your first love. Sit under the tree of life and you will find that life and intimacy flows and your first love is protected. Isabel Allum unpacked how we can start with the choices we make.

“1. Repentance; 2. Forgiveness: choose to forgive; 3. Recognise the lovers of your soul: anything that takes away your gaze from God and end your relationship with them; 4. Worship: engages your soul in a positive way; 5. Think and practice thankfulness all day long; 6. Practice and exercise laughter in your life; 7. Pray in tongues: brings alignment and edifies your soul, especially if you feel distracted; 8. Meditate on Him and ponder on the good in Him and His character; 9. Listen to the Bible when you are discouraged. Don’t just read it but listen to it and let it go into your spirit and soul; 10. Ponder on His promises and the prophecies that you have received so that the Holy Spirit can enter in.” Isabel Allum, August 2015