God put His creativity inside each one of us when He knitted us together in His image. Whether it’s cooking or painting, music or sewing, poetry or pottery, singing or movement, storytelling or dancing, creative writing or DIY, we all have the ability to create something unique and glorious that reflects our Creator.

artistFirst Love will weave together different strands of creative expressions – visual art, movement, music, rhythm, dance, photography, poetry, knitting, crafts, creative writing, painting, you name it – to reflect the richness of Heaven, to translate His transcendent beauty and our adoration through creativity.

In the atmosphere of a ‘thin place’, catch the breath of the Spirit and embark on a journey to explore your creative side. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced pro, come with a child-like heart and have fun with us.

We’d like you to bring your own materials for your preferred medium. That might be easels, paints, brushes, tools and everything else that will help you to creatively worship. For more information, please contact